SLH Cofounder Kaizar Karkaria Featured in UltraLuxe / Homme Edition No. 1

To celebrate modern masculinity, 9 dynamic gentlemen making waves in their industry were selected and featured as UltraLuxe / Homme’s Game Changers, including Singapore Luxury Homes’ CEO & Co-Founder, Kaizar Karkaria.
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Kaizar Karkaria x UltraLuxe

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UltraLuxe boldly reimagines the future vision of luxury. With a curated selection spanning the gamut from sartorial elegance to avant-garde lifestyle brands, UltraLuxe intertwines artistry and diversity to showcase the passion behind the style.

With UltraLuxe / Homme honing in on the modern man’s perception of luxury takes a fresh perspective. It signifies sophistication in its purest form, presenting a curated assembly of experiences — from the allure of yachts to the innovation of technology and the refined taste of select spirits.

To champion this redefined spirit of modern masculinity, UltraLuxe / Homme shines the spotlight on nine industry stalwarts and distinguished ‘game changers’ like Kaizar Karkaria, CEO and co-founder of Singapore Luxury Homes.

Kaizar’s repertoire? An impressive $2 billion portfolio in sales, leasing everything from luxurious residences to prime commercial spaces. More than just deals, he’s the go-to for global clients looking to invest in smart managing multiple portfolios for clients globally. The hallmark of his success rests in tech which keeps him — and his individual and institutional clients — steps ahead in the real estate market.

Join in the discourse with Kaizar and his contemporaries as they share insights and delve into pertinent conversations, capturing the essence of modern luxury.

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