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Luxury Interior Design in Singapore: Interview with Antone by D

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Singapore Luxury Homes opens the doors with the first in our ‘Beyond Brokers’ series with Antone by D, an architecture and design studio providing modern luxury interior design in Singapore.


Investing in a brand-new residence has the benefits of it being in pristine condition and, for discerning owners, knowing that every unit in the building has pretty much the same features and finishes. The opposite is also true when you walk into lived-in space from a condominium to landed property, and want to peel back all the layers back to the foundation to make your space truly feel like home each and every time you shut the doors on the world outside.

Whether you want to rip everything up in a resale home and replace it with first-rate furnishings and fixtures, or simply want to shake off that new development feel, Singapore-based design studio Antone by D works with clients in Singapore and on projects abroad to sculpt refined interiors and beautiful spaces truly made for living. 

We interview Antone by D’s founder Divya Anthony about her luxury interior design thinking, signature aesthetic, and how she finesses architectural details to bring spaces to life, just as she did recently for a discerning client who purchased a penthouse with an expansive view for his parents.


Get to Know Antone by D’s Founder

Singapore luxury condo interior design


Where does your passion for design come from?
Great design makes everything look that much more elevated and sophisticated. My passion comes from the need to make the everyday way of living that much classier and more intentional.


How did you become a luxury interior designer in Singapore?
I think I was groomed for it.  My family owned a home decor and accessories shop in the late 1980s. We sold everything one would need to warm a home and give it character from table napkins to carpets and cushions to tissue boxes. It grew my interest in interior styling first which drove me to then pursue an education in my early 30s in interior design. One thing led to the next and two decades later clients come to me to design beautiful spaces made for living.


Give us a sneak into how your mind works. How do you start the design process in your mind?
It very often starts out in my creative head with totally no rules, and therefore everything is possible. Designing without limitations opens you up to so many possibilities. After which we then go through it with a more edited eye and fine tune the design. But we start on a fresh blank canvas to keep open design-forward thought to as many possibilities; and, then the editing process starts to hone the concept. That way we don’t limit ourselves right from the start.


What are some of your favourite decor, design or architectural elements that establish your ‘aesthetic’?
I love the interplay between details, textures and layering coming together subtly. These details are there, but you cannot not notice it. And this doesn’t just translate to architectural interior details, but also translates through the custom furnishings I design.


luxury interior design singapore

Combining subtle textural elements with complex patterns together to define a space is our signature style that you will find throughout every client project. As the saying goes, ‘the devil is in the detail’, and our speciality makes Antone by D studio’s style identifiable and intriguing.


How did you approach your most recent Singapore luxury condo interior design, The Lumos Penthouse?
Every design project is very close to my heart, including having the opportunity to work on The Lumos Penthouse. This amazing home was a gift to the owners by their son. They are a very tight-knit family with lots of love, traditions, and family bonds. I wanted to give them a space that celebrated the ethos that the family has, a space where everyone will come together and share. There was a subtle grandness by the use of luxurious material and custom-made furniture that gave life to the space. 


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What makes a successful home for you when it comes to designing for clients?

When I open the doors and I see that look in a person’s eyes and their body language speaks volumes beyond any thanks is the priceless moment that always brings immense joy to designing a wonderful home.


What is the next step for Antone by D?
I have been so fortunate to work on amazing homes for people throughout the years. And more recently, I’ve been awarded a couple of very interesting overseas projects. There is no stopping me now! I want the Antone by D brand to be synonymous with intentional luxury interior design.


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Quick Questions …

Favourite vacation spot? My latest adventure was in Iran so I will go with that! 

London or Tokyo?  Neither!  I am an off-the-beaten-path rough and tough kind of girl when it comes to travel adventures. 

Cooking at home or eating out?  A little bit of both.

Coffee or tea?  I am a coffee girl. The smell of coffee picks me up every time.  I’m addicted and happily so!


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