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You are an astute High Net Worth (HNW) individual looking to invest in property as a form of diversifying your portfolio but the businessperson in you is not just looking for a few thousand square feet of brick-and-mortar to plonk your hard cash.


You are looking for a trusted partnership

A team of reliable professionals whose expertise is not only unmatched but people whom you can trust and who understand the value of relationships.

At Singapore Luxury Homes, our two top consultants share more than two and a half decades’ worth of experience in the real estate industry. Our achievement of more than S$2 billion in transacted property sales in the past decade, the multiple awards our company has won over the years, and the numerous media coverage, in addition to our clients’ referrals and testimonials, bear witness to the fact that we are here to grow and have a long term partnership with you.

Our team works closely with a network of thousands of brokers and buyers globally and we are listed with Singapore’s largest real estate network. Our dedicated consultants, Sunita Gill and Kaizar Karkaria are themselves life partners who are dedicated to working together to understand your concerns, depending on your individual needs and lifestyles.

As with any personal and professional relationship, we value honesty, integrity, and transparency. The profound importance we place on connection and quality of service is what we bring to the table when we engage with you, our clients.

So while we understand that real estate is an important source of investment in one’s financial portfolio to build wealth and security, we also understand that it’s also about finding the perfect home – or office – that feels like a home. A place where your families or employees can thrive. We understand that for many, it’s not just your wealth that you want to grow but the people you care for – and for whom you have made these investments so that they may grow in tandem.

Which is why Singapore Luxury Homes is in the business of developing wealth and assets, while also developing the relationships that are intertwined in this form of investment.

But first, let’s begin this journey grounded in the reality of data.



Your Investment Portfolio as a HNWI

A quick look at our extensive research indicates that in the two largest segments of the HNWI market, namely North America and China, only between 10.6% and 15% of an individual’s total assets are invested in real estate. This is because, as the overall net worth of the individual may be rapidly expanding, the amount invested in real estate diminishes proportionately. Thus there is a good amount of potential that this market sector has and it’s only going to see a rise in asset allocation in the near future.

Despite the recent battering that many sectors of the global economy have received, property transactions for luxury homes have continued to rise over the past couple of years. 

This has proven the resilience of the luxury real estate sector in not just weathering through, but coming out strong despite the volatility in other market sectors. It’s time to seriously start thinking about diversifying more of your financial portfolio into luxury real estate investment.


Making your Investment Portfolio cater to all your investment needs

While growing your wealth and assets remains your utmost priority, we understand that your investment portfolio was created to ensure more than just that. It should also address your specific lifestyle and investment needs, be it with risk management, legacy planning, or liquidity. 

This is where luxury real estate comes into play. Compared with less familiar and newer forms of investment like cryptocurrency, luxury real estate’s ability to weather through volatile markets (as seen in market performance from 2020-2021) cannot be denied. This form of investment will only see an increase over the next few years, fuelled by the climbing numbers of HNWI and UHNWI that are only growing globally due to the ever-expanding tech sector – and their voracious appetites for investments in luxury condominiums, Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) and super penthouses





More importantly, luxury real estate also plays an important role in legacy planning. Among the top forms of family wealth management next to trust funds and insurance, this form of investment is fast becoming a preferred form of legacy investment for those with families, especially when taking into consideration its potential for growth over the next few years. According to Forbes, demand for such elite classes of residences has only been growing here in sunny Singapore, so if you are deciding to allocate a larger proportion of your investment portfolio to the market, speak to our Singapore Luxury Homes real estate experts today.

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