Beautiful Landed Homes in Singapore

Explore the rare gems of Singapore’s property market – beautiful landed homes that blend heritage, luxury, and modern architectural ingenuity. Discover unique abodes that offer privacy, space, and a seamless connection to nature, reflecting the city’s dynamic balance of tradition and innovation.
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Beautiful Landed Homes in Singapore

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Landed homes are rare gems in Singapore’s landlocked property market, each telling a unique story of heritage, luxury and architectural ingenuity. As Singapore continues to reach skyward with its iconic skyscrapers, these ground-hugging abodes offer a different kind of luxury — one rooted in space, privacy and a connection to the earth.

Make no mistake … Singapore’s beautiful landed homes are far from relics of the past. They’re evolving, breathing entities that reflect the city’s perpetual dance between tradition and innovation. Take a stroll through the leafy neighbourhoods of Nassim Road, Queens Astrid Park or Ridout Road, and you’ll witness a fascinating architectural dialogue between the old and the new.

beatiful homes Stiletto House

Source: EHKA Studio, Photo Credit: Studio Periphery/Dan Loo 

Consider the Stiletto House, designed by EHKA Studio on Jalan Seaview in the east. It is a masterful blend of modern architecture and natural elements, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. The architects have cleverly incorporated multiple levels and split-level spaces, adding depth and interest to the home’s layout. This thoughtful design maximises the compact urban plot and creates a harmonious living environment that balances privacy with openness to nature.

What truly sets Singapore’s beautiful landed homes apart are the nuances that make them distinctly modern. Singapore’s multicultural heritage is often expressed in these homes. It’s not unusual to find Chinese courtyard-inspired spaces sitting alongside Peranakan-tiled swimming pools, all wrapped in a modernist architectural shell.

Let’s explore three beautiful landed homes that exemplify Singapore’s unique architectural landscape.

Natural beauty and use of materials

Beautiful Landed Homes in SG

Source: Wallflower Architecture + Design

The Bamboo Veil House in Bukit Timah is a beauty of natural materials. The façade is an intricate lattice of bamboo strips, creating a permeable barrier between the home and its lush surroundings. This ‘veil’ provides privacy while allowing natural light and breeze to permeate the interior.

Inside the home is a series of interconnected pavilions, each separated by water features and pocket gardens. The result is a home that feels more like a private resort, where every room opens to nature. The architects have cleverly used the sloping terrain to create multiple levels, each offering a different perspective of the surrounding greenery.

What makes this home truly modern is its approach to sustainability. The bamboo used is rapidly renewable, the water features are part of a sophisticated cooling system, and the open-plan design maximises natural ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Landed homes for sale or lease

Kilburn Estate Singapore Luxury Landed Homes Dining Area

Kilburn Estate (For Lease)

$49,800 (Monthly)

Bedrooms: 5

Chestnut Drive Singapore Luxury Landed Homes exterior

Chestnut Drive


Belmont Road Singapore Luxury Landed Homes Living Room

Belmont Road


Bedrooms: 5

119 Holland Grove View luxury houses staircase

Virtual Tour

Holland Grove View


Bedrooms: 4

105 Cove Grove Singapore luxury landed homes entrance

105 Cove Grove

Price Upon Request

Holland Road Singapore luxury landed homes exterior

Holland Road


Bedrooms: 5+1

The Green Collection modern villa exterior

The Green Collection


Bedrooms: 5

36 Ocean Drive Singapore luxury homes Exterior 2

36 Ocean Drive (For Lease)

$35,000 (Monthly)

Bedrooms: 6

Lengkong Tiga Singapore

Lengkong Tiga


Bedrooms: 7

Greenwood Singapore luxury homes facade

Greenwood (For Lease)

$12,000 (Monthly)

Bedrooms: 4

Shimmering modern Sentosa Cove design

Beautiful Landed Homes in Singapore Sentosa

Source: Edgeprop

The Copper House stands proudly on the shores of Sentosa Cove. It is an ideal of modern design. Its distinctive façade, clad entirely in copper panels, changes colour over time, reflecting the home’s dynamic relationship with its environment.

It’s not just about looks. Copper cladding is an excellent thermal insulator that keeps the house cool in Singapore’s tropical heat. The home’s U-shaped design embraces a central courtyard with an infinity pool that seems to merge with the sea beyond, blurring the lines between the built and natural environment.

Inside, the home is a testament to modern luxury. A glass-encased wine cellar doubles as an art installation, while a state-of-the-art home automation system controls everything from the mood lighting to the pool’s temperature. Yet, amidst all this technology, the home maintains a warm, lived-in feel, thanks to the judicious use of natural materials like teak and limestone.

Winged home ready to take flight

Beautiful Landed Homes in Singapore Winged House

Source: Arch Daily, © Patrick Bingham-Hall

Perched atop a hill in Siglap, the Winged House might take flight at any moment. Its most striking feature is its roof — two massive, wing-like structures that extend well beyond the house’s footprint, providing shade and collecting rainwater.

The home’s design is a modern interpretation of Singapore’s colonial era’s traditional black and white houses. Where those houses were built to keep out the tropical heat, the Winged House embraces it. Large sliding glass doors can open the entire ground floor to the elements, turning the living space into a covered patio.

What sets this home apart is its adaptability. The interior spaces can be reconfigured thanks to sliding walls and movable partitions. This allows the home to transform based on the needs of its inhabitants – expanding for large gatherings or creating cosy nooks for intimate family time.

In a city known for its forward-thinking approach to urban living, these beautiful landed homes prove that innovation doesn’t always mean reaching for the sky. They show that with creativity, sustainability, and a deep respect for heritage, it’s possible to create homes that are not just beautiful but meaningful – spaces that tell the unique story of Singapore’s past, present, and future.

As Singapore continues to evolve, these landed homes stand as an enduring appeal of a life lived close to the earth, even in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. They remind us that true luxury isn’t just about square footage or high-end finishes — it’s about creating spaces that inspire, comfort and connect us to the world around us. 

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