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Cofounder Sunita Gill on Women, Financial Literacy and Independence

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Sunita Gill’s insightful chapter in Why Women Don’t Talk Money delves into women’s complex and often contradictory relationship with money. As a powerhouse in the world of international luxury property sales and investments, Sunita shares her expertise and personal experiences to empower women to take control of their financial lives. The book is a call to action, urging women to break free from the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and to strive for financial literacy for women and independence.

Fear into Love of Financial Freedom

At the heart of Sunita’s message is the recognition that women’s relationships with money are often marked by a love-fear dynamic. On the one hand, women cherish money for the financial freedom it offers, but on the other hand, they fear it due to a lack of understanding and control. 

This fear can lead to a lack of confidence in making financial decisions, causing women to shy away from discussions about money and investments. Sunita argues that it’s essential to acknowledge and overcome this fear, believing that articulating financial desires and trusting in the universe’s response can set a clear direction for one’s financial journey.

A crucial aspect of Sunita’s approach is women supporting and lifting each other in financial journeys. She emphasises the need to empower each other through encouragement, mentorship and collaboration. This female support network is vital in helping women overcome self-doubt and achieve their financial goals. 

Sunita’s experiences with her father’s ownership of property have taught her the value of balancing emotional and financial factors in property investments, and she stresses the significance of timing in making informed decisions.

Kindest Act Paying Forward for Generations

“The kindest act related to money in my life was when someone paid for my father’s funeral, a deeply touching gesture and testament to the power of kindness and reciprocity”, mentions Sunita. This act highlights the importance of giving back and positively impacting others’ lives.

financial literacy and women

Sunita is passionate about teaching financial literacy, particularly to women, and believes that acknowledging the value of one’s work and asking for fair compensation is essential for financial freedom. She also values mentorship and giving back to the community, recognising the impact that guidance and support can have on women’s financial empowerment. 

Her approach to teaching her daughters about money is a testament to her commitment to financial literacy, emphasising the importance of saving, investing, and delaying gratification.

Sunita’s long-term financial planning is a key aspect of her approach to reach $15 to $20 million by retirement by focusing on real estate and other investments. 

She believes in putting a plan in place for assets to ensure a generational legacy, going beyond just accumulating money to include managing assets for future generations. This approach defines wealth as preservation and legacy rather than just accumulating wealth.

Why Women Don’t Talk Money is a powerful call to action for women to take control of their financial lives. As Sunita beautifully puts it, her journey through real estate and beyond is a testament to the power of ‘putting one’s intentions out into the universe’ — and watching as the world aligns to make those intentions a reality.

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