Women Set to Reshape Family Office Wealth Investments for Global Good

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International Women’s Day spotlights women’s success across sectors and an emerging trend: women-led single-family offices surpassing corporate C-suite roles. This statistic is significant, representing more than a mere number.

Nearly a third of family offices are now led by women, reflecting their growing influence in safeguarding family fortunes, ensuring intergenerational wealth transfer, and promoting responsible stewardship toward a sustainable future.

Aligned with ESG goals, our unique strength lies in our natural tendency towards legacy building. So, it’s a seamless extension for us to use our unique strengths to generate a positive financial and international impact. This shift presents an immense opportunity for women leading family offices to impact real estate investments by prioritising sustainability and social responsibility.

More than half of family offices globally (56%) are making sustainable investments, planning to raise this to 24% of their portfolios within five years. This transformation comes as family offices navigate global economic complexities and shift towards progressive investment strategies, including private debt and digital assets. Yet, the tangible appeal of real estate remains, bridging generational viewpoints and highlighting the value of stable and growth-oriented investments.

Currently, family office portfolios maintain a consistent asset-class distribution, with a significant portion (46%) in alternative investments, including 17% in direct real estate and real estate funds. A preference for domestic over international investments is evident in family offices’ real estate allocations, with 30% to residential and 32% to commercial property within their home country.

Singapore’s family offices, particularly, are leading the way in purposeful investing, reflecting a deep understanding of their societal and environmental impact. Women in leadership roles are uniquely positioned to take more deliberate and informed risks in investment decisions. This focus on ESG highlights the “people side” of investing in sustainable practices, connecting the next generation with initiatives that address community and environmental concerns today.

This goes beyond philanthropy, as financial objectives typically come first.

When applied across almost $6 trillion in assets managed by family offices globally, this approach has the immense potential to perpetuate and amplify the trend towards ESG-focused investments, such as ‘greener’ real estate, contributing to both societal benefits and potentially improved financial outcomes.

The future of real estate investment is about creating legacies, aiming for a more equitable world for future generations. With women now controlling 32% of the world’s wealth, this shift towards value-aligned investments marks a new chapter in global wealth creation, emphasising the importance of building a future that benefits everyone.

As we honour International Women’s Day, it’s clear that women’s roles in leadership and global change highlight how transformative leadership can extend naturally from our identity.

Sunita Gill
Cofounder and COO
Singapore Luxury Homes

As a certified family office advisor and the founder of Singapore Luxury Homes, Sunita Gill offers guidance, structuring, and management of intricate real estate portfolios for family offices in Singapore and its international satellites. Our team has successfully facilitated transactions exceeding $2 billion in Singapore and overseas, demonstrating a dedication to elevating the representation of real estate assets.

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