A Year of Graceful Heights and Bold Inspiration at Singapore Luxury Homes

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Sunita Gill and Kaizar Karkaria

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As we reflect on 2023, an exhilarating and transformative year for Singapore Luxury Homes (SLH), we look back at our team’s journey with profound gratitude and a touch of pride. This year unfolded as a series of landmark successes, each representing a significant stride in our ongoing growth and marked by an array of accomplishments that reflect our team’s dedication to the luxury real estate sector.

The year began as an international affair, with our involvement in the Chinese New Year celebration, where we had the honour of meeting Her Excellency H.E. Sun Haiyan. This event was not just a cultural engagement but an affirmation of our brand’s global presence and commitment to blending local insights with international perspectives.

Our journey through the year was punctuated by moments that demonstrated our versatility and drive. Key among these was our attendance at the exclusive viewing of Bombardier’s Global 7500  and Grazia Singapore launch party. These events provided invaluable opportunities to network with peers and explore new horizons in personalised luxury.

Our sponsorship of the Tatler Design Awards 2023 in the best penthouse category underscored our commitment to architectural innovation and excellence, illustrating our belief in the interconnectedness of real estate, fashion and design.


Tatler Homes Design Awards Singapore 2023_1


Throughout the year, we achieved several significant milestones, from setting new records in property sales to earning international recognition. Our success in transacting the sale of high-end properties, including Good Class Bungalows, KLIMT on Cairnhill, The LadyHill, Costa Rhu, Ascentia Sky and Mayflower Rise residential properties, as well as commercial offices in Suntec City and shophouses (often above the listing price) reflects our team’s ability to manage complex transactions in the luxury real estate market effectively.

This success was complemented by insightful contributions to industry discussions, including our feature in the October issue of Tatler Homes and insights shared in Bloomberg’s article on Singapore’s real estate market.


Women Business Investors 2023


Our engagement extended beyond business achievements to impactful community and cultural initiatives. Sunita’s active participation in mentorship and empowerment forums, including events at NUS, the Women Trail Blazers event, the HSBC Women’s World Championship Business Forum, and the Women Entrepreneur Award 2023. Her involvement underlined our commitment to nurturing leadership and advancing societal progress. This led to the inception of SLH’s Women’s Investors Series, spotlighting the distinct experiences of female investors and entrepreneurs.


Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023


Events like the Love and Light Diwali Event and Sunita’s chapter contribution to the “Women Don’t Talk About Money” book and its associated Appreciation Dinner reflected our dedication to community engagement and cultural enrichment.


Why Women Don’t Talk Money


These initiatives were complemented by Kaizar’s recognition in UltraLuxe/Homme Edition No. 1, celebrating his unique influence as a ‘game changer’ in redefining the spirit of modern masculinity.


Kaizar Karkaria x UltraLuxe


Personal development was also a key focus for us. Sunita’s completion of the Women In Family Office Course and her insightful presentations on strategic networking and business growth demonstrated our continuous pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement. The Reflections Retreat in Bali, expertly led by global thought leaders Gregory Lim Lange and Crystal Lim, marked a pivotal moment for Sunita and Kaizar, reinforcing their steadfast dedication to continual professional development.


Viet Nam Real Estate


Our year concluded in the last quarter with a strategic exploration in Vietnam undertaken in collaboration with a leading developer and joined by award-winning Interior Designer Elliot James, laying the groundwork for our future ventures and expanding our geographic footprint.



This trip and our digital presence, notably in the season finale of RachReflects Podcast, reflect on a year of looking at breaking free from the mold and designing a life that’s uniquely ours.

As we gracefully conclude 2023, our boldness and ongoing growth set the tone for new benchmarks for the coming year. Our firm’s purpose remained steadfast: to inspire and be inspired while pursuing leadership with a deep sense of responsibility toward the communities and environments we influence.

With respect,
Sunita Gill and Kaizar Karkaria
Founders, Singapore Luxury Homes

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